Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Can you use an actual photo as I do not have the image digitally?

A – You can scan your photo to create a digital image for uploading but we can offer to scan your photo for you. This would require sending the photo via post and we would highly recommend using a secure, trackable service for this.

It would also require you, the buyer, paying for the return postage and Unique 3D Crystal cannot be held responsible for losses in postage. If this is a service you require, drop us an email at and we can talk to you about this service.

Q – I’m concerned about the image quality of the photo I want etched. How will I know if it will be ok?

A – Our laser machine can match the quality of an image but not improve it. Very often small pictures can look fine but once they are enlarged the quality rapidly gets worse. We know what the likely outcome is once we see your image and will let you know if we are not happy to use the image.

Q – Can you take a look at my photo/image before I commit to buy?

A – Absolutely. Attach your image to an email to and we will gladly take a look at it and advise accordingly. This is offered as a service free of charge to our customers.

Q – Will the image fade over time?

A – Not at all. All the detail is etched inside the glass and if the crystal is looked after, there’s no reason why it won’t last a lifetime.

Q – How long will it take to receive my order?

A – We will look to make your order in 3 – 4 business working days from the date of ordering. If we encounter any problems with this time scale we will contact you.